April 18th-October 2024

Featured Artists

Alayne Spafford

Edmonton, Alberta

Bill Gingles

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Christopher Griffin


Phil Darrah

Mulhurst Bay, Alberta

Keith Rice-Jones

Burnaby, BC

Diana Creasy-Funk

Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

Jordi Alfaro

Ontario, Canada

Jordy Buckles


Stephen Shellenberger

Ontario, Canada

Rose Braun

Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

Richard Taylor


Scott Bertram

Comox, BC

Shawn Serfas

Okanagan, BC

Karla Doell


Constance Bachmann

Kelowna, BC

Ulrich Panzer

Bonn/Beuel, Germany

Michael Shemchuk

Northern California, USA

Matt Petley-Jones

Vancouver, BC

Emily Filler

Toronto, Canada

Todd Maccormac

Kelowna, BC

Sylvain Coulombe

Montréal, Canada

In our SPOTLIGHT Gallery, immerse yourself in our latest installation, “Spring Summer 24,” featuring an eclectic selection of works from 19 artists. This vibrant showcase includes paintings and sculptures that span from bright and vivid colors to visceral and raw aesthetics, offering something to pique the interest of every art enthusiast.


Explore pieces from a diverse range of talents, including local, Canadian, and international artists, each bringing their unique perspectives to the forefront. From captivating sculpture to stunning landscapes, and enthralling color field work “Spring Summer 24” promises a dynamic and engaging experience for viewers. 


Don’t miss out! This exceptional exhibition will be on display until the fall, providing ample opportunity to revel in the creativity and talent of these artists.

Exhibition Images
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