Since 2003, SOPA Fine Arts has been dedicated to promoting contemporary art from Canadian and international artists.

Exhibiting thought-provoking painting, sculpture and mixed-media work, Sopa offers a rotating program of solo and group exhibitions. With over 2600 sq. ft. of exhibition space, our monthly exhibits provide a diverse and ever changing environment to foster long term relationships and art awareness. We provide professional consulting for collection building and work carefully with clients to integrate quality artwork into their residential and corporate environments. Located in the bustling South Pandosy shopping district, the spacious gallery is a rare treat for contemporary art lovers.

Gallery Manager

Louis Elmer

My name is Louis Elmer, SOPA Fine Arts newest Gallerist as of June 2022. Being exposed to a diverse plethora of art throughout my life, I have gained a strong passion for many different mediums and styles present in the field of Art.

This strong passion was carefully guided and honed by SOPA’s founder; Deborah Boileau,who always championed works able to transcend norms, and establish new boundaries.

My goal is to exhibit and promote the works of talented artists both domestically in Canada, and elsewhere internationally, with a strong emphasis on Contemporary and Abstract work.

I also strongly believe in being informed on the future of art, and am always excited to see where current trajectories will lead to.

I strongly believe in the endless possibilities of Art, and what it can do for life, creativity, and the human spirit. I hope to see you soon at our Gallery, so you may push your boundaries, and discover something new with us.

Gallery Associate

Colby Elmer

Hello, my name is Colby Elmer and I have been a member at SOPA Fine Arts since June of 2022. From an early age, I was always encouraged to explore as many forms of art as possible. This included, but was not limited to: car magazines, music cassettes, and vibrant comic books. Since then, I have explored numerous mediums of art, with abstract being my favorite, as every viewer gets to uniquely interpret each piece. SOPA Fine Arts has allowed me to fully embody the art I love, and I am so grateful to share my passion for art with you.  I look forward to showing you the SOPA Fine Arts experience.

Gallery Associate

Zev Demman

My name is Zev Demman, I have been allied to SOPA since its acquisition in June of 2022. 

I have always had a creative mind. I started painting at 18 months and fostered this creativity all throughout my childhood in a variety of manors. I was always building and designing, a favorite of mine were legos, never building by the instructions always feeding off of creative intuition. I was always very tactile and had a need to explore texture. I always appreciated learning the way things work  from a fundamental standpoint and understanding how to put things together. With my role at SOPA I have the ability to think creatively and be inspired by my colleagues, our artists, and SOPA’s clients alike. Transitioning into a role of teaching and facilitating a welcoming discovery of art through SOPA’s visions. 

Gallery Associate


Being a part of the gallery for 5 years as an artist, Todd has taken on the role of Operational Associate within SOPA Fine Arts. His undergraduate studies let him gain a diverse range of knowledge related to media and technique while studying at UBCO, Emily Carr University and NSCAD in Halifax. While still creating and showcasing his art within various show openings; installations, crating, deliveries and art handling within day to day operations are a priority focus at SOPA. He looks forward to welcoming you to the gallery personally or will be behind the scenes with all your art viewing and collecting experiences here at SOPA Fine Arts