Featured Artists

Constance Bachmann

Kelowna, BC

Phil Darrah

Mulhurst Bay, Alberta

Michael Shemchuk

Northern California, USA

Matt Petley-Jones

Vancouver, BC

Norah Borden

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Currently Exhibiting at SOPA Fine Arts: CHROMATIC ARRAYS

CHROMATIC ARRAYS sets to close out the year of 2023 with an exploration into color, and the emotions it often stirs and creates, with the use of bright vivid colors contrasted to subdued darker palettes to create a mesmerizing visual experience, ranging from crimson reds and softened oranges, to simple monochrome, and more over a diverse variety of mediums.

We are honored to be featuring new works from artists Constance Bachmann, Phil Darrah, Matt Petley-Jones, Norah Borden and Michael Shemchuk.

As always there is no RSVP or entry cost. For any other questions or inquiries message us through Instagram/Facebook or reach us at

Happy Holidays!

-Your Friends at SOPA

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