Judy Campbell

Denver, Colorado



Judy Campbell is an established American artist who was born on the east coast and grew up in the Chicago area.  Spending her adult life living in Colorado, she raised two daughters and spent countless hours pursuing her art career. Over time, her art practice evolved into a process of creating orderly, layered abstractions. Each painting starts out with a collage surface upon which she applies paint, more collage and includes many found objects – newspapers brought home by her daughter who travels the world, pieces of old window screen, corrugated cardboard, mesh bags from the grocery store etc..  Working her compositions around familiar geometric shapes, Campbell will then add detail and texture as each painting takes on an individual personality.  She then lets the work come to its own conclusion, as she feels each painting is a reflection and culmination of where she is as artist, at that very moment. 

Campbell is shown in galleries throughout North America and her artwork is in corporate and private collections throughout the continent.   

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