Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 in

121.92 x 121.92 cm


“What I love most about this painting is the marriage of the background with the figure. Now I adore the distressed look of weather worn surfaces like concrete, stucco, bricks, paint, etc.

Unsurprisingly it is an influence in my work. I feel that this influence shows itself especially in this painting. I mean it’s not hugely there but I definitely worked with layers of different paint shades and tones somewhat mimicking the patina seen in concrete.

The neon pink was added quite simply because it was needed and I think it loves being basically the only “showoff” element in the painting.”
-Diana Creasy-Funk


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Image of Contemporary art piece titled Diana Creasy-Funk by Diana Creasy-Funk

Diana Creasy-Funk

What started out as simple pencil drawings in school, making sketches of friends, or capturing expressions from people in magazines, she evolved her fascination with human nature into a stunningly beautiful style of portraiture. Her work still has graphite areas showing, where she initially sketches her subject, but a watered-down painting technique fleshes out the work a little bit further, carefully bringing them to an ethereal place. 

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