Golden Threads

Acrylic on Canvas

42 x 66 in

106.68 x 167.64


“I find this painting to be a bit of a gem. Whilst in my studio she very quickly grew on  me, tugging at my heart and exuded a sense of peacefulness and calm. 

Being somewhat of a minimalist I wanted to reflect this in a painting. Both negative and positive space to be strongly represented allowing a kind of simple elegance in the  presentation. And oh my did I ever love painting in gold skin tones, haven’t done that  in years.

It’s always so refreshing to bring out different and sometimes dusty paint tubes and to revisit old color blends like using greens for skin tones, it’s such fun, it  seems crazy but green works like magic with gold or yellow shades. 

I haven’t decided yet if she’s a “one off” or not. We’ll see.”

-Diana Creasy-Funk


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Image of Contemporary art piece titled Diana Creasy-Funk by Diana Creasy-Funk

Diana Creasy-Funk

What started out as simple pencil drawings in school, making sketches of friends, or capturing expressions from people in magazines, she evolved her fascination with human nature into a stunningly beautiful style of portraiture. Her work still has graphite areas showing, where she initially sketches her subject, but a watered-down painting technique fleshes out the work a little bit further, carefully bringing them to an ethereal place. 

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