Billy Goat

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 in

121.92 x 121.92 cm


“Definitely wanted a kind of private school/ACDC Malcolm Young vibe. I Love ACDC. Really wanted the attitude to show here. You’ve got the casual pose with the  somewhat defiant tilt of the head along with a Fido Says Woof tee shirt.

Had a lot of fun with the background too, from including some really bad math solving abilities to  adding the binder paper to really punch home the theme.

I kinda stacked it up with this one but these elements are all necessary to relay the feeling I wanted to come out  of it….. School, at the time you don’t think you want to be there but really what else are you going to do all your friends are there.”

-Diana Creasy Funk


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Image of Contemporary art piece titled Diana Creasy-Funk by Diana Creasy-Funk

Diana Creasy-Funk

What started out as simple pencil drawings in school, making sketches of friends, or capturing expressions from people in magazines, she evolved her fascination with human nature into a stunningly beautiful style of portraiture. Her work still has graphite areas showing, where she initially sketches her subject, but a watered-down painting technique fleshes out the work a little bit further, carefully bringing them to an ethereal place. 

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