Joey Vaiasuso

San Diego, California



A multi-disciplined artist based in southern California, I’m driven to create by passion. My creative journey started in woodworking and fine furniture, while further exploration for more freedom in form led to metal sculptures and outdoor art. Artistic experimentation with deep curiosity of a new medium and love of color inspired my latest passion for abstract expressionism.

Each one of my works is deeply inspired by the colors, process, and most importantly the vibe and feeling during creation; with music being a huge catalyst to this process..

I want the viewer to feel the energy and mood that genuinely went into every stroke, scrape or splat that finds its way to my canvas. These techniques may appear aggressive, pumped up, mostly happy, and rarely sad; it will always be revealed in my choice of colors, textures and tones.

Paint is my medium of choice due to its fluidity and broad range of colors, which tend to reflect and represent my moods at the time of creation. The foundation of my subject matter mostly stems from my core roots of being a sculpture artist. When making sculpture I like to stack shapes, forms and lines to create movement which transcends into a feeling of human nature, reminiscent of everyday objects abstracted in time. I really enjoy working in abstract, the natural and spontaneous flow of the process allows each work to unfold in an unpredictable and surprising end result of a moment in space and time.

Curriculum Vitae

2014 Scott White Contemporary Art “Forces of Nature”
2014 David Klein Gallery “Agree to Disagree: A Survey of Contemporary Abstraction”
2015 ART MIAMI, Scott White Contemporary Art
2015 David Klein Gallery “Post-War and Contemporary Selections”
2016 Cohort Collective: “Parallel”
2018 Christopher Anthony: “Modernism”
2022 The Other Art Fair – Los Angeles

Antonio Residence, Los Angeles CA
Eberle Residence, Laguna Beach CA
Champana Residence, Miami FL
Dixon Residence, El Paso TX
Evans Residence, Oakland CA
Garcia Hall Residence, San Diego CA
Fakier Residence, San Diego CA
Feinman Residence, New York NY
Ford Residence, London UK
Harris Residence, San Antonio TX
Hollander Design Landscape Architects
Hornig Residence, Water Mill NY
Kale Residence, Stockholm SWEDEN Lipinksy
Residence, La Jolla CA
Luxford Residence, Palm Springs CA
Meiser Residence, Denver CO
Mizeski Residence, Palm Springs CA
Nevo Residence, Santa Monica CA
Peterson Residence, San Diego CA
Prendergast Residence, Palm Springs CA Rady
Residence, Palm Springs CA
Rossel Camras Residence, Pacific Palisades CA
Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects
Way Residence, Encinitas CA
White Residence, Del Mar CA
Zeps Residence, Rancho Santa Fe CA

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