Trevor McDonell



Disconnection between human beings and nature is a predominant theme in my Speedscapes series.  For most urbanites, nature is an abstract image in the backs of their minds and interaction with nature amounts to a scenic view from a speeding car.  The escalating cost of living demands a hectic life in order to either make ends meet or to maintain a standard of living one is used to.

Urban migration is growing and since the majority of the world’s population now lives in urban centers, nature is being left behind and forgotten.  One only has to note the current climate crisis to reveal how prevalent this is.

The images depicted in my Speedscapes are either vague memories, sites unseen, or places abandoned.  I use simultaneous notions of speed and tranquility to make salient a dilemma of contemporary life.  There are no signs of human existence in my Speedscapes for they are meant to portray either a missed opportunity or a time in the distant future… long after we are gone. 

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