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Alayne Spafford

The search for balance is fundamental in the art of Alayne Spafford.  The challenge in her work is to reconcile a natural tendency to organize and polish with a strong desire to reject those principles in favour of chaos and disorder.  Evidence of this can be seen in both the process and finished product of her work. Although the initial foundation of base colour is applied rather spontaneously and with limited self-censorship, the subsequent layering of colour clearly demonstrates a strong influence of the conscious mind.  During this process shapes and marks are added and manipulated in order to build a complex yet intuitive order. As such, the artist’s work mirrors her internal struggle to find balance between the opposing but complementary aspects of her nature.

Alayne Spafford received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours from the University of Saskatchewan.  After studying textiles at Concordia University and the Centre de Metier d’Art en Construction Textile in Montreal, she worked for many years in the costume department of Cirque du Soleil.  Now residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Alayne focuses on painting full time. In 2013 Alayne collaborated to form Burn Design Collective, an art technique created with shou-sugi-ban (burnt cedar). Her work is represented in galleries and private collections worldwide. 

Curriculum Vitae

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK (1989-1993)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours (Distinction, Distinguished exhibition) 

Centre Des Metiers D’Art En Construction Textile (CMACT), Montreal, QC (1997)
Jaquard weaving (Pointcarre software, tapis au tissage)

Concordia University, Montreal, QC (1997)
Fibre Structures, Textile print and dying

Dawson College, Montreal, QC (2001)
Graphic Design

Ric Michel Fine Art, Southampton, NY
Abstract Investigations, (June 15 – Aug. 15, 2022)

Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa
Contemporary Abstraction, (May 25 – Sept. 1, 2022)

Zinc Contemporary, Seattle, WA
Color Cure, (May 6 – June 26, 2021)

Rhodes Contemporary, London, U
Paper Work, (Jan. 15 – Feb. 15, 2021)

Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa
Group Show, (Jan. 29 – Feb. 29, 2021)

Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO
Solo Show, (Oct.26 – Nov. 26, 2021)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Solo show, May 2020

Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa
Kicking Abstract and Taking Names, Women Painters (Sept.13 – Oct. 19 , 2019)

Zinc Contemporary, Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Fair (Aug. 1 – Aug. 4, 2019)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Encompass: Alayne Spafford and Sylvain Coulombe (June 6 – July 2, 2019)

Disruptor Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
Group Show: Alayne Spafford, Dana Holst, Brenda Draney, Anya Tonkonogy,
(Nov. 17, 2018)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelwona, BC
Equilibrium – Solo show (Mar.1 – May 3, 2018) 

Burn Design Collective, Edmonton, Alberta
New Works (June 10, 2017)                

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Gander:  Ulrich Panzer, Alayne Spafford, Matt Petley-Jones (Aug.3 – Sept.5  2017)

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Permanent exhibit, department of Agriculture atrium (Dec. 2016)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Turnaround: Alayne Spafford and Jordi Alfaro (Oct.6 – Nov. 29, 2016)

Parade Gallery, Edmonton, AB
Kit and Caboodle (juried exhibit- Nov.27 – Jan 3, 2016)

Sopa Fine Arts , Kelowna, BC
Over the Edge-Phil Darrah & Alayne Spafford  (Oct.1 – Nov.3 2015)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Alayne Spafford and Emily Filler (joint show- April 6 – May 6, 2014)

Coup, Edmonton, AB
Burn Design Collective – Alayne Spafford and Howard Pruden
(premiere show June 15 – 2013)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Alayne Spafford and Margaret Glew (joint show- Mar. 7 – Apr. 7, 2013)

Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON
Layers (solo show- May9 – May 30, 2012)

Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON
Group Show (Nov – Dec 2011)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Turning Points (solo show- Oct.6 – Nov.1, 2011)

Sideshow Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
Menagerie (Group show- Nov. 12 – Jan. 8, 2010)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Time Passages (2 person show- Sept.2 – Oct.5, 2010)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna BC
Xmas show (group show- Dec.3 – 24, 2009)

Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon,SK
Group Show (June 26 – Aug. 29 2009)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Selected Works (group show- March 5 – 31, 2009)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
This just in (group show- Dec.4 – Jan.13, 2009)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Straight Forward (group show- May 1-June 3, 2008)

Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, BC
Gifted (group show – Dec. 6 – Jan. 3, 2008)

Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB
Pale marks (solo exhibit – May 5 – May 17, 2007)

Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB
Sequence, Square, Line and Rhythm (solo exhibit- March 24 – April 5, 2006)

Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, AB
New Works by Alayne Spafford (solo exhibit- October 12-23, 2004)

Belgo Building, Montreal, QC
Square (solo exhibit- September 1-31, 1998)

V.A.V. Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, QC
Seamless (Juried exhibit- March 2-7, 1998)

Assiniboia Bessborough Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Art 1995 (Group show- May 14-31, 1995)

Gordon Snellgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
BFA Exhibit (April 19-23, 1993)

AKA Artist’s Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Postcards to the Centre (Group show- March, 1993)

St. Thomas Moore Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Impressions of five (Group show- January 24 – February 13, 1993)

Francis Morrison Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
University of Saskatchewan sculpture show (Group show- January, 1993)

Gordon Snellgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Fine Arts show (Group show- 1992)

Gordon Snellgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Fine Arts show (Group show- 1991)

Gordon Snellgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Fine Arts show (Group show- 1990)

Gordon Snellgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Fine Arts show (Group show- 1989)

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  • Awarded the Pouch Cove Residency, May 1 – 30, 2023, Pouch Cove Newfoundland
  • Awarded the Pouch Cove Residency, October 1 – 30, 2019, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts 
  • PCL Corporation
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