Alain Attar



Old objects, shaped by time, carry its imprint. Without necessarily understanding their meaning at first glance, the life within them speaks to us, leaving strong impressions.


In a way, what I try to accomplish, is a stirring of memory that transport us to a place where the present verges on past. It is between these two worlds that the work of memory and creation takes place.


In many of the works we see today, the working of the materials contributes to the process of creation-dense mass, fissures, scrapings and so on- these speak to us of the natural wearing process of time.


My art is not about the reproduction of an object, but rather its discovery, its encounter. In other words, the form of the object is, more often that not, indecisive while still allowing us to connect it with a certain reality… a memory of some place in time.


Alain Attar

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