Ulrich Panzer – statement

Ulrich PanzerThe current group of circular paintings springs from the artists’ previous series “spheres”. What was then a dynamic interplay of multiple colour circles and definition of space is now concentrated in one individual form that radiates light and colour frequencies. These paintings are inspired by the artists’ continuous interest in the synesthetic perception of sound and musical chords, by observations of light in nature and by the colours of minerals and seashells. Yet during the process of adding layer by layer of thinnest colour and pigments these references are oftentimes left behind and the works develop a life on their own, and as such they do nothing less than draw the viewer into the Present Tense of Seeing.


Ulrich Panzer is a German citizen, who currently resides in Canada. When not travelling he works fulltime in his studio near Kingston, Ontario. Ulrich Panzer was born in Bonn/Beuel, Germany in 1965. His wide-ranging artistic practice spans over 20 years.

Between 1987-1991, Ulrich studied at the Kunstakademie Münster, Germany. His subsequent research project, Colour, Sound, and Architecture in Asian Cultures, was supported by the German Ministry of Education, and the Sangeet Natakh Academy in New Dehli. This research took place in various locations in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, between 1991-1994. During this period, he also lived for a year in Tibet, immersing himself in Tibetan culture in his studio in the Himalayas, 11,000 feet above sea level. Further investigations into the physiological and physical effects of colour, sound, and architectural proportions, lead Ulrich to Austria, and Italy; between 1994 and 1997, he lectured and gave workshops in Europe, the United States and Canada, on the healing aspects of colour, sound, and architectural space.

He has exhibited numerous light and sound installations, including: Resonances, Badgastein, Austria (1994), 3000 Lights, Chittorgarh, India (1992), Der Blaue Raum, Bochum, Germany (1991), and Restraum, Münster, Germany, (1991). He has shown his paintings and works on glass internationally in Transparent, at Galerie Kunsstelle, Berlin, Germany (1998-1999), and in Paintings, at Museum Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany (1990).

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