Richard Taylor – statement

Richard Taylor artistMy work is a distillation of life experiences, often seen through the influences of music and poetry. I allow the cadences, rhythms and syncopations of the musical and the poetic to resonate within and inform the spirits of my pieces.

Sometimes found objects from walks serve as metaphors for the experiences and wisdom we accumulate walking through life. I use their shapes in metal and in paint to echo their continued callings to us as they are then found in new circumstances.

Certain works are between painting and sculpture. Time plays a very essential part in these works as they are not so much about the details of the past as they are about the essence of the memories which remain. Their focus is broad and somewhat blurred, yet my innermost feelings of recollection still stir within the paint and metal.

Plato wrote about Ideal Forms, about perceiving a concept such as love in its highest, purest form. I believe that an equivalent exists in visual shapes, colors and composition; that as artists we can compose an ideal world of forms which attempt to explain our world. These ideal forms can help us to understand and to rearrange our lives in more meaningful contexts. I see my art as a pursuit of this ideal ordering.

Richard Taylor

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