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Sopa Fine Arts - Kelowna art gallery

Spacial Circumstances - Exhibition


2934 South Pandosy St
Kelowna, B.C.

Tues – Sat 11– 5 Sun – 12 – 4 
T. 250.763.508

September 4 – 30

Spatial Circumstance features artwork by three contemporary Canadian artists; Alan Boileau, Aleksandra Rdest & Conrad Ouchi. These three artists use diverse spatial systems based loosely on design, pattern or illustration that occur in nature, technology and architecture. These varied, layered systems often interweave and dissect, exploring many possibilities. The works in Spatial Circumstance encompass a broad range of media including wood assemblage, steel, alkyd, oil, & acrylic.

From Alan Boileau's experiments with material, space and color, emerge assemblages of seemingly random lines. From these, pattern form and merge to afford the viewer the opportunity to appreciate his continual refinement of this unique multi-layered, distinctly crafted approach. Boileau’s visual language blurs past &, present, reality & the imagined into minimal abstract bands of color; punctuated by spaces between vertical blocking, solid lines and the occasional horizontal bar. Far reaching yet down to earth, narrative yet abstract, Boileau’s wooden sculptures work as harmoniously with the humble material which they evolve, as the spaces they occupy. Boileau has exhibited widely throughout Canada, the U.S. & Japan.

Aleksandra Rdest is an OCAD graduate, living in Toronto. Rdest’s process oriented practice is seen through the complex and multiple layers of under painting, over painting, and the luminous surface quality the artist achieves with the application of oil and alkyd over acrylic. As repositories of each stroke and application of colour, the pieces are dynamic and saturated. The work combines both the minutiae of the microscopic and the cellular, with the immensity of the impressionistic whole. Rdest's surfaces feel saturated with both a feeling of intimacy and estrangement. The subtle significance of each trace and the lush use of colour, elevate abstraction in the artist’s work beyond formalism to affect.

Conrad Ouchi's work creates a fascinating bridge between the art and philosophy of East and West, and examines the ebb and flows between imagination and reality that is creativity. By delving into the metaphysical aspects of ancient Japanese lacquer techniques; Ouchi discovered methods that compelled his art towards the new post modernism that crosses cultures and time. The result is a brilliant, innovative architectural process orchestrated in a varied color palette. It embraces the paradox of artist's elements of the distant past reappearing in the plastic imaging and pixalization of electronic art pervading our everyday lives. Ouchi is based out of Calgary, Alberta.

For additional information and images, please contact Deborah Boileau at Sopa Fine Arts.
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