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Sopa Fine Arts - Kelowna art gallery


2934 South Pandosy St
Kelowna, B.C.

Tues – Sat 11– 5 Sun – 12 – 4 
T. 250.763.508

Nov 6 – Dec 2


Sopa Fine Arts is pleased to announce our newest Exhibition, 'Rendition' with three uniquely different gallery artists. Okanagan painter, Rose Braun, Seattle artist Victoria Johnson & Milwaukee sculptor, Richard Taylor will be unveiling their newest work for our November exhibition. It opens November 6th, at 7:00 pm and will run until December 2nd.

Rose Braun was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, and completed a bachelor's degree in Psychology/Sociology at the University of Regina. After completing a B.Ed at the University of Alberta and attending an arts program at the University of Calgary, it gave her the opportunity to reflect upon the importance of art and culture in her own life ; both on a physical level, and psychological, having experienced the impact of a strong cultural environment in those cities. Braun's university studies provided her with a critical mind allowing a chance to discover her true passion; creating art. Braun's art career began, following her heart, taking concrete and imagined ideas of places and people, and working them carefully onto the surfaces of her steel canvases. Moving to the Okanagan in the 80's proved to be great inspiration with our rugged, natural landscape.

Braun's work is greatly influenced by storytelling; she shares her personal experiences, made perpetual by its embodiment on the hard metal surfaces of her artwork. Using a mixed technique on the steel panels, oil for its rich color, acrylic and some acids for etching and resistance, as well as a number of tools to distress the surface of the areas she chooses to reveal or age for effect. Occasionally, raised Braille areas, collage or even bullet holes may appear at random on Braun's steel paintings. In her painting, 'Bullets 4 Bunnies' she reacts to the irony of the cities problematic bunny situation, taking note of the innocence of a bunny with a not so innocent solution. Other pieces may reveal a poem in Braille, or contain small text about the painting itself, or just add interest and intrigue. Braun's newest work for Rendition, allow her own interpretations or depiction to move through a wider range of subject matter.

Richard Taylor studied fine art at the University of California and earning a BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. After various post graduate studies in art from San Diego College, the University in San Diego and San Diego Mesa College, he returned to earn his MFA from UWM. Taylor has public sculpture throughout the U.S. and has been commissioned to create sculpture from an impressive number of corporate clients as well as worked on numerous public art projects.

“My work is a distillation of life experiences, often seen through the influences of music and poetry. I allow the cadences, rhythms and syncopations of the musical and the poetic to resonate within and inform the spirits of my pieces. Certain works are between painting and sculpture. Time plays a very essential part in these works as they are not so much about the details of the past as they are about the essence of the memories which remain. Their focus is broad and somewhat blurred, yet my innermost feelings of recollection still stir within the paint and metal.” Richard Taylor

Seattle based artist, Victoria Johnson will be having her fourth showing at Sopa in Rendition. Johnson attended Portland State University in 1976, and graduated from the University of Oregon with a fine arts & science degree in 1978. She later attended Santa Fe Institute of Fine Arts to further study fine art and painting. Johnson shows a flawless command of her paint brush in her work, cutting in precise strokes of pigment, sometimes thinly veiled over layers below with more solid color, delicately overlapping another. The effect is a calm blend of rhythmic, undulating waves, which almost appear to be cut from paper.

“My paintings originate in the movement of the gesture. The individual shapes I create extend visually into the space behind the surface, prioritizing the process over the painting. Supporting structures interact with the larger shapes when I manipulate the variables of color, transparency, and opacity. My working process recalls mid-century concerns with action and expression, while the visual content of the finished paintings implies a state of mind clearly modern and self-aware.” Victoria Johnson

For additional information and images, please contact Deborah Boileau at Sopa Fine Arts.
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