JORDY BUCKLES – statement

Jordy BucklesBorn in Edmonton 1979, Jordy Buckles currently works in Vancouver, B.C. developing his one of a kind steel sculpture. The artist worked as a studio technician for a number of artists before opening his own studio in 2008.

In his recent work, ‘Shape Agenda’, triangulations and plane develop shape and line, corresponding to an archetypal form. Position, scale and direction play with ideas of outward growth. Buckles notes that these works navigate through space, all with an agenda towards growth. Another ongoing series for the sculptor is his ‘eternity lines’ body of work. This series feels organic, less rigid and has a twisting, curvy, linear aesthetic. Unlike the more concrete Shape Agendas, these sculptures are airier and seem to have no real beginning or ending. Buckles muses that at some point he might just combine the two series and see what emerges…


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