Jordi Alfaro – Statement

Jordi AlforoJordi Alfaro is an artist from Spain who has been has been working and exhibiting in North America during the last five years. His recent professional practice has included lecturing as an invited artist at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ohio University, and the University of Manitoba. His long practice of collaboration in public artwork includes projects in Spain and Egypt.

Blending traditional techniques with contemporary concepts, Alfaro works primarily with ceramic materials, creating sculptures that are non-representational, abstract, and organic in form. His work references primitive adobe architecture, the body, and weathered stone.

Each of Alfaro’s compositions are distinctive. The intimate physicality of his technique produces sculptures of unique character. His larger pieces reflect his own body’s proportions, and the passage of his hand is subtly detectable in each sculpture.

Alfaro’s pieces exhibit a unique strength of posture. Like silent companions or sentinels, his sculptures appear to be in relaxed negotiation with gravity, giving the comforting impression of an almost personal presence.

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