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Susan Valyi - statement


Susan Valyi - artist - wood assemblageIt seems as though there is nothing I haven’t tried. Art for me has been a long process of exploration and evolution. I’m not sure where these creatures come from but these new works are the most fulfilling I've found as yet. I believe that the art I create is a culmination of my life experience. Everything I see gets subconsciously banked and edited, waiting for that trigger of inspiration. Don’t laugh - a tv commercial can do it for me. I see a posture or figurative expression and I’m off to sketch like mad. I trust the moment when a sketch speaks to me and I know it’s time to head to the studio. These metamorphic creations are a mythical and anthropomorphic journey into the expressiveness of human posture.

I work with found objects and scavenged wood. My constructions are assemblages, joined with resin. I build up shapes like fitting a puzzle together, guided by sketches and drawings. The finished pieces are oiled or sometimes white-washed, then polished to a smooth but textured patina which reveals the underlying mosaic of wood. A sculpture can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to complete.

I live in the country with my family, near St. Eugène, Ontario, half way between Montreal and Ottawa. My studio is a converted garden shed, well back from the house where I can make a lot of noise and raise enormous clouds of dust.

~ Susan Valyi