Alayne Spafford – statement

Alayne-Spafford artistA preoccupation with dichotomy is central to the work of Alayne Spafford. Order is undermined by disorder, bright jewel-box hues contrast with pale, understated colour, and text, though often a focal point, is oblique and meaning hangs as it should, satisfyingly beyond reach. The compartmentalized collections of motifs, text and number sequences read like graffiti, a language of unapologetic brush strokes, scribbles and color. Each element, while on its own arbitrary, ultimately becomes essential to the completed piece.

On a formal level, the artist uses an energetic approach of effused color, layered imagery and a painterly technique. The color palette is intense, dense and somewhat moody, or alternately light colored and muted. A rhythmic approach to texture, finely etched lines and lettering act to balance the strong color use. An organic aesthetic that pays homage to modernists such as Fritz Hundertwasser, Paul Klee, Caio Fonseca, and the fearless language of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Although the pieces are challenging they are not hermetic and invite participation. A few footholds are provided to keep the work from being obscure and lend order to the mélange of images. While each piece offers glimpses into the artist’s world, the completed works remain open to interpretation.

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