Sopa Fine Arts - Kelowna art gallery



Like most galleries, we do not accept walk-in requests to review artists' work.
We ask that you first familiarize yourself with our gallery by visiting our website and reviewing the work of our artists. If you then believe your work is appropriate for submission, we request that you send us samples in the following format only:

  1. Email us with your website address, HTML, or
  2. Email us with no more than 3 images of your work, sent as email attachments in JPG format
    Attachments should not exceed 1.5 MB total. Images exceeding 1.5 MB will not be accepted.

If we feel we can be successful with your artwork, we will contact you for further information.

We are unable to do respond individually due to high volume of submissions.


U8 - original art under $800 in Kelowna